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Actionable Intelligence Gathering
for Field Triage or Internal Investigations

Susteen leveraged our 20 years of experience with cell phone data transfer software (DataPilot) and created a mobile device investigation tool called Secure View. Secure View was introduced to the law enforcement world in 2007 and is now in use with over One Thousand law enforcement and government agencies from around the world. We have been the cornerstone of many cell phone investigations and we are continuing to push the envelope to introduce better products and features. Our technology team has created features for analytics (svProbe), intelligence gathering (svSmart), password unlocking (svPin), and integration tool (svLoader). We will continue to gather market information to create products that standardize and streamline the Law Enforcement processes.

Cell Phone Investigative Tool for Every Investigators Arsenal!

Our commitment and understanding of actionable intelligence needed by the law enforcement industry is evident by the number of agencies using our product. As more and more law enforcement agencies are adding mobile digital equipment, we’ve formed strategic partnerships to provide better service them. Secure View 3 Mobile Forensics follows known forensic methodology while providing a user friendly interface. At the same time, our Case Management and svProbe embedded analytical features allows investigators to stay organized and ready to deliver data evidence quickly.

We welcome open dialogue with users and non-users to create and better our products. We hope to continue to produce products to help put “bad guys” behind bars.

“I have been using Secure View for Forensics for approximately two years and have had great success in using the kit to investigate a wide variety of crimes. The report generated from using Secure View has a very professional appearance and is easy to read. The success I have had in using Secure View to for intelligence gathering purposes, as well as to prosecute and convict criminal offenders has led to neighboring departments requesting my assistance. I would highly recommend Secure View for all investigators in the law enforcement community. A state of the art product combined with excellent customer support makes Secure View an excellent choice.”

Joseph Coffman
Falls Township Police Department

Field Triage: Digital evidence in is on the rise, and forensics labs need assistance. Often investigators don’t have time to wait for lab results. They need evidence fast to secure the arrest of a suspect. With our svSmart add-on module, teams can deploy investigators to triage in the field with quick analysis based on pre-set conditions. Acquire the “digital fingerprint” from confiscated mobile phones quickly.

Criminal Investigations: From crimes against children, gang activity, drug dealers, human trafficking, financial and internal corporate vulnerabilities, Secure View 3 provides answers. Investigators will be able to process important results of mobile phone data to possibly prevent further harmful events.

Lab Analysis: With MD5 Hash and SHA-1 audit and check, the “digital fingerprint” of the mobile phone evidence gathered by Secure View 3 is authenticated and processed into a smaller, comprehensive reports, and is often admissible in a court of law. This evidence is sometimes critical in solving and proving the case.

Internal Prison Activity: Convicts are obtaining access to mobile phones inside the confines of the prison environment. This is a growing problem, with internal and external gang activity and communication that is prohibited. However, with Secure View 3, once the mobile phones are confiscated they can be analyzed and valuable information can prevent ongoing criminal activity.




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