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2014 Susteen Education Subsidy: Providing Secure View 3 Mobile Forensics Software with 25 Student Server Licenses to approved Colleges, Universities and Tech Schools.

Available to any qualifying technical campus, private or public college or university with forensics courses.

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2014 Education Subsidy

Subsidy Background:

Susteen specializes in Mobile Forensic Software. Our software, Secure View, is used by the FBI, California Department of Justice and various Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the state. We know the future of mobile forensic is growing. Education holds the potential of this industry. Instructors should be able to teach students about this field so that they have the knowledge to succeed in the workforce and protect our communities.

Who can participate in the program?:

Any qualifying technical campus, private or public colleges/universities providing instruction in digital forensics and/or cell phone forensics can participate in this mobile forensics program. Software must only be used for educational purposes.

Program Breakdown:

• Susteen, the developers of Secure View 3 will provide the use of 25 server base licenses.
• Susteen will maintain the licenses on our server and can provide a monthly user report.
• Students will be asked to log their school and their own personal information so that we can keep track of who is using the program.
• Susteen will change passwords every semester or quarter for security purposes.
• Education institutions will have permission to load software in lab computers.
• Education instructors will be able to allow students to download and use software license on their own devices for the semester or quarter.

Description of the Product:

Secure View 3: The “go to” software for the cell phone forensic investigator. Secure View 3 can pull data from over 4,000 featured phones. Law Enforcement agencies gain case file creation, analyzing and bookmarking in one complete package. Secure View is the only mobile forensic tool that provides 3 specific processes for examination: Acquire, Analyze and report. The software can pull call records, app data, text messages, emails and more from the newest smart phones, to older models. Evidentiary report with built in MD5 Hash and SHA-1 for evidence credibility.

Curriculum and Instruction:

The instructor of the educational course will be provided an example of a curriculum from Susteen’s online training class. The education institution will have permission for that instructor to use the curriculum provided by Susteen to structure or supplement a comprehensive lesson.


The Susteen Education Subsidy understands that funds have become harder to receive. Colleges do not have the budget needed to purchase an all-inclusive mobile forensic software suite. This Subsidy drastically cuts down 85% of the cost to acquire Secure View 3 Mobile Forensic Software currently in use by the USSS, FBI, ICE and various other Law Enforcement agencies.

Work plan/Timeline:

• All applications for the Susteen Education Subsidy must be received prior to 12/31/14 .
• Education Subsidy is issued on afirst come first serve basis.
• Subsidy is Non-Competitive and is open to 32 Universities/Colleges and Trade Schools.




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